SpaceX finishes fuel load up, moving on to big engine test now

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SpaceX finishes fuel load up

SpaceX Successfully Completes Fuel Loading Test

SMART WORLD - Yo, what's good fam? So, SpaceX just had a fire test where they loaded up the fuel and it was a success. They're now ready to move on to the next step, which is a big engine firing test. They confirmed that they filled up the Starship launch system during a crucial test on Monday and now they're ready to take the next step towards launch.

They shared pictures and videos of the fully fueled Starship upper stage and Super Heavy first stage in South Texas, and both vehicles look shiny and dusty because they're filled with super cold liquid oxygen and methane fuel.

During this "wet-dress rehearsal" test, SpaceX said they loaded over 10 million pounds of fuel into the vehicles, which when combined reaches a height of 120 meters. So, in less than an hour, the company filled up a slim skyscraper with easily combustible fuel and nothing blew up.

Now, SpaceX says their engineers and technicians will lift the Starship off the first stage and put it next to it. This will allow them to do a static fire test of all 33 Raptor 2 rocket engines currently mounted on the first stage.

This is the final technical test before a launch attempt can be made. The test will check some important systems including engine ignition and the pipes inside the rocket to get all the fuel to all the engines at the same time. The test may happen in a week or 10 days, but the schedule depends on how much work is done on schedule.

If this test is successful, SpaceX will share data from this test and other tests with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), who are responsible for experimental launch permission from SpaceX's South Texas facility. Additionally, SpaceX will also have to work to prepare the ground systems in South Texas for launch attempt.

All in all, with the successful fuel loading test and preparation for the firing engine test, SpaceX seems to be making great progress towards the highly anticipated Starship launch. The Starship itself is the heaviest, tallest, most capable and strongest rocket to ever take off from Earth.

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