Holidays With Loved Ones? Just go to Asstro Highland Subang

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Asstro Highland Subang
Asstro Highland Subang

Holidays Go to Asstro Highland Subang

Asstro Highland is a new tourist destination in Subang province which is visited by tourists every day. The allure of natural beauty with green tea plantations and the cool mountain air is ready to spoil the activities of tourists in Asstro Highlands.With a unique restaurant and cafe concept in the middle of a tea garden, enjoy the best menu offered by Asstro Highland Subang.

Being one of the newest destinations in Asstro Highlands, this place is packed with tourists every day.Natural attractions with the natural beauty of beautiful tea gardens are ready to pamper anyone to unwind in this Subang tour. Travelers can enjoy various excellent facilities from Asstro Highlands such as interesting restaurants, camping ground to interesting attractions.

For Subang Regency, West Java, the Ciater area offers many recommended destinations to visit when in need of rejuvenation. When a traveler is planning a vacation to the Asstro Highland Ciater tourist attraction and looking for destination information? Read the Subang travel article below for information that can be used as a reference for your Asstro Highland vacation. Find an easier and more enjoyable vacation while exploring new destinations in Ciater Subang.

Asstro Highlands entrance fee

Spending holidays with loved ones can be a fun activity to refresh the mind.

Explore many new tourist attractions in Subang, West Java that travelers can visit with affordable ticket prices.

The cheapest and newest tourist destination that you can visit for a family weekend is Asstro Highlands.

The entry ticket price is IDR 25,000 if a traveler wants to explore the beauty and the best place for the Astro Highland Ciater destination.

For this fee, you can enter to visit the best landmarks of Asstro Highlands, enjoy great photo spots and explore the tea gardens.

Tours to exciting games and charming accommodations in Asstro Highlands, at separate costs.

(HTM Astro Highland attractions are subject to change without notice and do not include certain rides and facilities).

Enjoy a fun weekend exploring the natural beauty of Subang with friends, family and acquaintances.

Asstro Highlands is a tourist spot that is a shame for tourists to miss while on vacation in Siatre Subang, West Java.

Pamper your family and loved ones by enjoying the latest cuisine from Asstro Highland Resto with a varied menu.

Being one of the new tourist destinations in Subang, this place can be easily visited by travelers.

Tourists can come at any time to visit the Asstro Highland Ciater attraction by using a private vehicle.

As for the location of Asstro Highlander, the address is very convenient. Ciater, Subang Regency, West Java.

Enjoy the beautiful natural panorama of tea plantations while sightseeing while exploring the Asstro Highland Ciater Subang destination.

Having trouble with the best way to travel to Asstro Highland attractions?

Feel free to find the Asstro Highlands Tourist Destinations map below for your holiday reference.

Find the best way for an easy, fun and quality vacation as you explore Subang destinations.

Asstro Highlands Natural Tourism Destinations can be visited by tourists at any time because they are open every day to visit.

Asstro Highland Ciater Tour Access Service is open every day from 07.00 – 17.00 WIB on weekdays.

If you visit Asstro Highland on weekends, this Subang destination closes at 19.00 WIB.

Enjoy an exciting vacation in Subang Regency, West Java, explore the natural beauty and best spots of Asstro Highlands.

Asstro Highland Ciater Subang tourism object is the best vacation spot for tourists to visit during their vacation.

Explore the natural beauty of Subang, don't miss a fun holiday activity with your family at Asstro Highlands.

Asstro Highland Subang
Just go to Asstro Highland Subang

This Subang tourist destination spoils the weekend getaways of travelers with the best spots.

Experience a more quality holiday at Asstro Highland by enjoying attractive facilities such as:

The tourist parking lot is very spacious.
Restaurants and cafes
Instagram photos
Fun game drives
Glitter and villas Corner
Prayer room

Restore your body and mind by exploring the natural beauty and best tourist attractions of this Ciater Subang destination.

Vacations are fun, especially exploring new tourist destinations that are hits.

This new tour in Subang is perfect for unwinding who needs weekend medicine.

There are many exciting activities that travelers can enjoy and explore during their trip to Asstro Highland Ciater.

Besides sightseeing and enjoying the beauty of the land and the peaceful atmosphere of the Subang Tea Plantation?

Don't miss the culinary delights by eating the best West Java menu at Asstro Highland Restaurant.

Vacations are synonymous with photography activities, there are many great places in Asstro Highlands that travelers can explore to take pictures.

Various types of exciting game rides can also be enjoyed while traveling by travelers such as horseback riding, ATV and others.

When planning to stay at the Asstro Highland Subang tourist attraction, visitors can enjoy a camping ground and interesting facilities.

Weekend activities at the Asstro Highlands Ciater tourist attraction will be more quality and fun if they are held.

To enjoy a more enjoyable holiday in Asstro Highlands, here are some travel tips that can be used as a vacation reference:

Morning is the best time to visit Asstro Highland Ciater Subang tourist attraction.
Bring extra money to enjoy a variety of tours with the best menu at Asstro Highlands Resto.
Wear warm clothes as it will be chilly when you visit Asstro Highlands in the morning.
Don't forget to prepare your camera for photo hunting activities to explore Asstro Highlands and Tea Gardens.
Plan fun camping activities and adventures with your loved ones to make your vacation more enjoyable exploring Subang.
Preserve the natural beauty and cleanliness of the Asstro Highland destination for sustainability.

This is information and tourist reviews about Asstro Highland Subang destinations that can be used as tourist references for traveling.

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