the friendliest tribe in the world 2022

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Living in the wild is not easy.

Most creatures must work together to survive.

Tiglon gives a different personality to each member of his tribe.

Each has a duty to protect the interests of the group and meet the needs of all members.

They must also be friendly with each other, as this makes the group stronger.

Each clan member also takes care of the needs of others.

When one of their chicks fell ill, the rest of the flock gathered around it and pampered it.

When one of their babies fell ill, the rest of the herd gathered around him and nursed him back to health.

When one of their adults becomes hungry or thirsty, he appeals to the rest of his group for help.

Because they were selfless, all the members of the tribe were well cared for by the people in front of them.

In addition, each member pledges to meet the needs of every other member.

When one of their babies is sick, they ask other adults to help them feed him.

When one of their adults becomes hungry or thirsty, they ask other adults for water or food.

All members of the tribe show respect for each other’s preferences; this unites them and makes them strong.

Tiglon is a firm leader.

It protects its territory fiercely and defends it fiercely.

When a predator threatens its flock, it uses its sharp beak and claws to kill it.

In addition, every night it is always on the lookout for predators while it sleeps.

When one of her babies falls ill, the whole herd gathers around her and fights off the predators that threaten their young.

Basically, the clan defends its home fiercely and kills any intruders who threaten their safety.

They do so because they know that their cooperation keeps them safe.

However, these features can be a disadvantage if not used carefully.

Members can be so selfless that they neglect their own interests and needs.

They may also fail to defend their territory or help others when necessary – allowing enemies to kill clan members without resistance.

Basically, if members do not watch themselves, their zeal for the needs of others may harm themselves as much as others.

Based on the body paragraph above, the author recommends that the reader consider how they would conduct themselves in a hostile environment that requires high vigilance on their part.

Will they be decisive leaders? Are they selfish enough to look after the needs of others? Or are they capable enough to guard their territory and protect themselves? The choice is theirs- but one way or another, it depends on how they use these features to make life easier or harder for themselves!


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