My 6 Favorite Islands In The World 2022

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The Philippine Archipelago consists of 7641 islands. I was born in one of them so I know very well what life on the beach is like. However it highlights not only the beach life but also the islands found on four different continents. These six things are easy to remember and sometimes two or three things are beautiful. Natural structures and historical places are unique and completely different creations.

One of the hidden beaches of the Mariettas
One of the hidden beaches of the MarietasPhoto credit: Carol Colborn

1. Marietas Islands

The Hidden Beach And The Mexican Galapagos

The Mariatas Islands are located off the famous Puerto Vallarta coast on the Bay of Banderas in southern Mexico. There are two sites separated by 900 meters. Both are uninhabited and are marine national parks and a UNESCO Man and Biosphere reserve (MAB). An innocent photo spread on Facebook of a hidden beach and a flood of tourists reportedly flooding the island and damaging the area.

Strict new regulations have been implemented. For example at Little Isla Redonda we can dive beyond the yellow ropes of the two buoys that keep the entrance to the beach hidden. Only 116 people can enter per day (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays) so you must arrive early. You have to swim through a narrow water tunnel 50 meters long that leads down the crater through volcanic rocks to the beach. I didn’t know how to swim and my husband didn’t want to be without me so we had to participate in the illusion in the film.

Go barefoot to explore hidden beaches and 1000 feet of guided trails on the big island of Isla Larga. We felt very comfortable. The island’s underwater habitat is home to rare species of fish, turtles, dolphins, and manta rays. It is also a sanctuary for 92 species of birds including the world-famous blue four-legged and the great bird known as the Galapagos of Mexico. Take lots of photos at Deadlines Head Cave Blowhole and Archangel Stone.

Pro Tip: You can also take a taxi or bus from Puerto Vallarta to Punta de Mita which is closer to the island as the ferry from Puerto Vallarta is quite long. Boat trips are cheap and you can see whales along the way!

Palawan, Philippines
PalawanPhoto credit: Phuong D. Nguyen / Shutterstock.com

2. Palawan

Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites

I can’t wait to show my husband Parawan. The fifth largest islands seem to have the westernmost point of the country. It has two UNESCO world heritage sites and consistently among the 10 top islands in the world.

The first world heritage site Tubbataha Reef is one of the best diving sites in the world is only 150 kilometers from the capital city of Puerto Princesa. Coral reefs have the highest density of marine life. Vertical walls as high as 100 meters and contain two lakes and two atols.

The other is the longest underground river in the world that can be served (82 km) only two and a half hours from Puerto Princesa. Short walk through a green forest inhabited by monkeys and observing leads to the phenomenon of the river that flows directly into the sea in the middle of the beautiful karst mountain landscape outside and magnificent formation inside the room.

Iwahig prison colony who was walled also attracted my husband. The only real obstacle lies in the largest security section that holds around 3000 prisoners around 45,000 hectares (actually) land. Minimum and medium security prisoners are given several land and agriculture to support their families. Some practiced handicrafts and we bought some of their products from a souvenir shop. Death is definitely in the mountains so that no one dares to escape.

Pro Tip: The island is also known as beaches and world-class resorts such as El Nido and beautiful islands such as Coron and Honda Bay. Puerto Princesa and other places nearby offer things that are more interesting: Cave of Waterfall Waterfall Mangrove Wildlife and even refugee camps.

Shetland pony in Lerwick
A Shetland pony in front of the Brock of Clickimin in LerwickPhoto credit: Carol Colborn

3. Shetland Islands

The Broch And The World’s Smallest Pony 

After Iceland our cruise ship was anchored in Lerwick (7,500 population) the northernmost capital city in Scotland, known as the Shetland Islands (23,000 population). We have seen the foundation stone building on a typical water in the Fort Charlotte City Hall Museum Leroc Shetland Archives and the Old City Center.

After traveling we still have time to return to the ship. We chose to visit a site where people have lived since the mesolithic era by bus or following a Shetland poni horse tour. We ventured to take the bus alone to go to Proshi I Kligmin. Built in the first century BC was a very dramatic structure with an iron -aged stone wall that was only found in Scotland.

A sheetland pony is grazing in a bright green grass around the bay with big luck! Born in the Shetland Islands the smallest frog in the world only has a length of 42 inches with thick coats and short legs. But this bike is used for driving and packing because it is very strong for its size.

Azure Window in Gozo, Malta
Azure Window in GozoPhoto credit: Carol Colborn

4. Gozo

Older Than The Pyramids Of Giza And Stonehenge

I went on vacation to the Malta Islands with my BFF. We heard that many films were taken in Gozo a small island with an area of about 26 square miles. So we took the ferry for 25 minutes across the Gozo Strait to the larger Malta Island. What we see is not shooting.

There is a blue window arches from the stone bridge on the edge of the sea which was destroyed after two years. Mushroom Rock has a mushroom plants that attract us and Tapinu National Reserve has many stories to tell. The last time was really special to see the statue of the Virgin Mary in the middle of the beach of Ramla Bay.

The most impressive us is a large pile of dark black stone that is put together as a supporting structure in several areas. This is older than the Pyramid Giza or Prehistoric Stonehenge and second after the Turkish Kandija Temple and Göbekli Tepe Turkish. This is a UNESCO world heritage site along with other temples in Malta. The earliest series was regulated in the neolithic period (3600-2500 BC).

Pro Tip: We took one of the jump bus at this station. Taxi can allow us to stay longer in the temple.

Ile St. Marguerite, France
Ile St. MargueritePhoto credit: GLF Media / Shutterstock.com

5. Île St. Marguerite

The Man In The Iron Mask And The French Riviera

For our wedding anniversary, my husband and I went to Rue De Grasse at Cannes Antibes at French Riviera. Mougins is based on Paul de Vence and Monte Carlo. In Cannes we learned about the Lerin Islands of a coastal island from four small islands in the Mediterranean. The two biggest and most populous monasteries are St. Honora Cistercian Monastery Historical and St. Margaret where the famous Cello player lives in the castle.

We chose them. We left the ship and went to the top of the hill called Musee de la Mer. My husband likes the dark room where the man trapped in the ironic mask was stored for 11 years. What I like more is that we can report photos of French Riviera Côte Dazur with a completely different view from the Port of Cannes and Palais Dec Festivals Island.

Orapiu Bay on Waiheke
Orapiu Bay on WaihekePhoto credit: Carol Colborn

6. Waiheke

Island Wines That Are World-Class

Waiheke Island is the second largest island in New Zealand next to Auckland. This has been ranked as the fourth best island destination / fifth in the world for years in a row. From the ferry terminal we rented a car and headed to the southern end of Ourabio Bay. After taking a few photos of us to the east along the bumpy coastal road past the fields that are not worked on with lamb landscapes and lush olive gardens.

Furthermore to the east we lived in Man O War Bay to photograph the view of the beautiful event and tasted the best-selling book from the only world-class sea seaside wine refinery on the island. We are satisfied to continue our journey to the north and west to coastal settlements of more than 9000 island residents. West of Ocean View Road 3000 vacation houses rich Auckland who should be imitated have found a house owned by a friend. There are many arts gallery and restaurant shops along the ferry. There we decided to have lunch at the famous Mudbrick Winery and Restaurant. The chef pairs world -class wine with our food and serving every couple. We prefer to sit in a beautiful outdoor garden at the foot of the hill rather than sitting on an expanded balcony or second floor deck. Each room offers a magical view of Auckland and Pulangoto Island. For the dessert we went to the nearest cable bay wine factory to taste the wine after dinner and other views of Auckland from wide green to the sea below.

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