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Most tourists leave their homes in search of endless summers but believe it or not the Antarctic mountain ice sheet could be the thing you miss from the vacation of a lifetime. In fact tourists have been going to Antarctica for thousands of years; More than 37,000 people traveled south during 2009. (Compare with about 15,000 tourists a decade ago.)

Around 40000 tourists can’t be wrong. Antarctica is packed with fantastic sights of stunning wildlife and luckily for us fantastic cruise facilities sail to remote destinations on a regular schedule. Think of a story you may have heard. If you want to brag about your vacation look no further than Antarctica.

Here’s what you need to know about visiting one of the world’s last remaining frontiers.

Where Is Antarctica?

Antarctica is – you guessed it – the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere. The newest inhabited place is the tip of South America so most tourists leave Argentina’s Ushuaia about 800 miles away.
Antarctic voyages usually stop near sub-Antarctic islands where ortay penguin whales and other vertebrate wildlife can be spotted. Continuing south the continental climate becomes really uncomfortable with temperatures dropping to 1358 degrees Fahrenheit (not ideal for tourists).
The good news: Antarctica around the South Shetland Islands has a relatively mild climate. The average annual temperature around King George Island is 279 degrees Fahrenheit. Put on layers and you’ll be fine.

How To Get To Antarctica

Obviously there aren’t many direct flights to Antarctica and you don’t want to spend too much time on the continent. It is the most isolated continent and all Antarctic tourists travel by boat.

Sailing From Argentina

Most travelers explore the Drake Passage route (more on that later) and book cruises from Ushuaia to Argentina. Although the length of the journey varies mainly between 8 and 24 days. Stay flexible. Antarctic expeditions are weather dependent and can be delayed (delays are estimated to affect 5 out of 10% of Ushuaia cruises according to the Antarctica Cool travel website).
If you are traveling in the Antarctic summer the chances of delays should be minimal but be prepared for the worst and check hotel policies. You may have to spend a few more days in Argentina. holiday

Sailing From New Zealand

If you are visiting Australia or New Zealand you can book an Antarctic cruise from New Zealand at Invercargill. Located at the southern tip of New Zealand Invercargill offers many sailing options but you will spend a week at sea before reaching your destination.
This of course means paying a lot more than if you went to Argentina. You will still have rough waters but you will visit East Antarctica which is less popular with tourists. If you’re looking to see historical relics from the heroic era of Antarctic exploration — and you’re up for the elements — this tour is sure to have its charms.
Most of those who vacationed with him would want to go to Argentina. Cheaper faster and more convenient for tourism.

Sailing From King George Island

If you’re looking for a shortcut—or if you’re prone to seasickness—you can book a tour to King George Island that bypasses the Drake Passage entirely. Granted it’s not very sexy but comfortable and great for the time conscious traveler.

This route will take you to Punta Arenas Chile where Aerovias DAP offers flights to King George Island Free Station. You land on a basic runway in a very small plane. From there you can hop on a cruise and enjoy the rest of your vacation.
Disadvantages of this route: flights are delayed and expensive.

Preparing For Drake Passage

If you are traveling from Argentina you must pass through the Drake Passage between the southern tip of South America and the South Shetland Islands. This is the notoriously tricky part and if you get carried away easily… be prepared.
Sailors say there are two ways to navigate the Drake Passage: Drake Shake and Drake Leak. If you are lucky you will experience Drake Lake and have a smooth ride but the Drake Shack is characterized by huge waves of strong winds and general inconvenience to all involved.
He said although you should prepare for the worst know that most travelers see Drake Passage as their first Antarctic adventure. Pack a box of alcohol-free Dramamine and try to shake and roll. Remember that the water will be very calm when you reach land.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Antarctica?

Antarctica actually has two seasons: a cool summer and a cold winter. The climate isn’t exactly what you’ll find in the United States.
The Antarctic holiday runs from November to March with 20 hours of sunshine per day in December and January. Plan your vacation trip if you want to avoid the worst of the cold.
If you go to the Pole in December you will of course face a lot of people. This is considered the best month for Antarctica tours so if you are looking for a more secluded experience consider going in spring or fall.
Usually the only people who visit Antarctica between April and September are scientists and photographers. Coastal temperatures drop to -40 degrees Fahrenheit during the Antarctic winter.
If you think it’s bad enough in winter (don’t actually do this) try moving indoors to higher ground. At one point the temperature at Vostok Station, a terrestrial science outpost, hit -1285 degrees Fahrenheit. It was the coldest natural temperature on Earth until 2010 when the satellite measured a surface temperature of -1358 degrees Fahrenheit.
In other words unless you have a good reason you might want to plan your visit during the Antarctic summer.

What Is There To Do In Antarctica?

Anda memesan penerbangan Anda menghindari Drake Passage dan akhirnya sampai ke Antartika. Bagaimana dengan sekarang?
If you book a cruise your itinerary will be very solid and you will have time to visit and experience the South Shetland Islands. That doesn’t mean an Antarctic vacation isn’t full of adventure. All you need to do is plan your trip in advance.

Whale Watching In Antarctica

The waters of Antarctica are home to many species of whales including the iconic orca and the magnificent humpback whale. According to travel group Responsible Travel these animals are most active between December and April and penguins and dolphins have the best chance of seeing them in February and March.
Choose a tour that takes you to Wilhelmina Bay and Lemere Street where hungry whales congregate. Make sure your camera is ready; You never know when the next hunchback will turn around or be splashed.

Get Up Close And Personal With Coastal Life

When you’re ready to leave the comfort (and warmth!) of a cruise ship, try booking a shore excursion on a small 10 to 12 person boat called the Zodiac ship.
These small light boats can take you close to glaciers and land where whales congregate and penguins roam. Be sure to keep an eye on the leopard seals – and camera lenses – on the edge of the ice.

Photographing In Antarctica

With stunning icebergs, incredible wildlife and light that will kill any filmmaker, Antarctica is a photography dream. The cruise industry has noted that you can book many Antarctic cruises designed especially for photography enthusiasts.
Grup perjalanan Lindblad Expeditions telah bekerja sama dengan juara fotografi alam National Geographic yang tak terbantahkan untuk membuat paket yang berpusat pada pengambilan foto Antartika yang menakjubkan.
Develop your skills during an onboard clinical journey led by a certified imaging instructor. Real-life National Geographic photographers accompany visitors professionally on every trip.

Environmentally Responsible Tourism In Antarctica

Ironically the growing interest in the wonders of Antarctica has contributed to the region’s decline. No country is responsible for protecting Antarctica. It is considered a scientific resource and asset of all countries.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stay away. Since 1991 the International Association of Antarctic Tourists (IAATO) has been working to protect and promote safe and environmentally friendly Antarctic travel practices in the private sector.
You can enjoy the country guilt-free as long as you book your tour with an IAATO registered provider and follow the instructions and rules for sharing your tour with the operator. Indeed the IAATO believes in strengthening Antarctic conservation tourism.
Hands-on travel experiences can encourage education for a better understanding of the purpose and need for responsible tourism, the IAATO writes on its website. Antarctica visitors – representing an average of more than 100 different tourists each season – return home as goodwill ambassadors for encouragement and peace.
This is a good reason for someone to book your trip. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and a great way to broaden your horizons.

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