Does Turkey Need a Visa? Here is the Answer

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Visa    It is one of the requirements when traveling abroad, but what about when Indonesian citizens travel to Turkey?  Does Turkey need a visa?  This is the answer for you before you go to Turkey.

mentioned kanimbandarlampung.kemenkumham.go.id    Currently, Indonesia and other countries are in the process of improving the relationship between countries, from the relationship between these countries, the goal is not only to exempt the obligation to obtain a visit visa, but also to pay attention to the principle of reciprocity.  And it can provide more benefits to the economy through foreign tourist visits.

In the year  At the end of 2021, Turkey presented a new policy issued by the Turkish government, which was accompanied by the evidence of official documents signed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from December 21, 2021.

The new policy is a visa-free regime for citizens Indonesia    (WNI) on their way to visit Turkey.

The official document is edited according to Article 18 of the Law on Foreigners of Turkey and International Protection No. 6438.  Although it is free, there are several things that should be considered according to the content of the policy, which is that every Indonesian citizen needs a normal passport for tourism and transportation with a stay of 30 days.  Therefore, although Indonesian citizens are allowed to enter and exit Turkey freely, they must follow the conditions of not exceeding 90 days in every 180 days.

With this policy, it is good news for Indonesian citizens, because it provides convenience for Indonesian citizens who want to vacation or travel to Turkey.  Turkey is one of the tourist attractions visited by tourists from different countries.

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