Amazing European Bicycle Tour In 3 Countries In One Morning

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A revolution in three European countries is one thing but a revolution in one morning is another.

My husband Dan and I love cycling and I signed up for a 7 day VBT bike tour through Slovenia Austria and Italy. Carefully planned trips took us to three countries but on a rare morning we started cycling in Slovenia we crossed the northeast corner of Italy and headed to Austria for lunch!

Now good morning! Bike tours are great for lots of great experiences including the excitement of cycling in the rain. Let’s take a closer look at this VBT bike tour and that quirky morning tour.

And Italy: Alpine Valleys Bike Tour

Who would turn down the opportunity to drive through the canyons of the Julian Alps? Certainly not us. We have done three bike tours with VBT who has been a leader and award winner in the travel industry for over 50 years. About 98% of his passengers including us said they would travel with him again.
The VBT website highlights the ride: Beautiful and delicious Three countries at their best on the VBT Bike Tour Austria Italy and Slovenia. With easy rides including the famous Alpe Adria bike path you will see the snow covered. Peaks Ancient meadows Medieval settlements Wooded slopes Dark green lakes and sunny fields. Check out the surrounding Walter Lake and beautiful Lake Bled as you tunnel through the tunnel for spectacular views. Bike to taste delicious food and local wines Visit the village Explore your favorite ski resorts and more. At the end of the day everyone spends their time in luxury resorts and boutique hotels including the famous lakeside hotel that has hosted royal dignitaries and writers for over a century. Which brand?
Pro Tip: VBT offers minimally supported pre and post ride options to enhance your experience. Before we start cycling we always look for destinations in Europe first to reduce travel fatigue.

It is true that we made the initial trip to Ljubljana the Slovenian capital and then traveled for almost two hours with fellow cyclists to Malborghetto Valbruna in Italy. We were greeted by views of the snow-capped Julian Alps and the towering peaks of the Carnic Alps in the background. Our bike trails enter and exit three places including part of the scenic 250-mile Alpe Adria bike trail and ending in the picturesque Austrian town of Velden.
Our group of 20 cycled six days totaling 88-166 miles (on most days you can choose between longer or shorter ride options). Of course our lovely guides Aiza and Matijah (who are both locals and love the area) were both ready to provide a lift in a support cart or suggest additional cycling routes for those of us.

Each day begins with an outline of the Aja or Mattia route. They handed out paper copies of the route (complete with a phone app) detailing the day’s tricky turns and spectacular views. When I came out I saw a bike with a water bottle ready to go. What about the elves in the Alps? Where is our guide? They did so much behind the scenes to make our holiday and trip enjoyable.
We don’t paddle like ducks in a row until the track is established. We are free to stop and take pictures (which I like) going faster or slower or towards our destination. I wasn’t the fastest driver (too many beautiful views too many waterfalls and mountain views from the river) but everything seemed to be working fine. There are strategic events like lunch where we always want to get along well with our leaders and other runners. This brings me another benefit from this trip. Friendship with our cyclists have somehow become good friends.
Now let’s take a look at the morning journey that takes us to three countries.

1. The Ride Begins 


Three countries in the morning. Is it for practical purposes or to give us bragging rights? Maybe both! Matija suggested that when we reached the Austrian border we should write a message on our phone to brag about it! But the real reason we ride this way is because VBT explores the area and suggests the best and most spectacular rides. Please note that our journey starts in Podkollen Slovenia. Now they start from Kranjska Gora near Slovenia.

Today we started cycling on the Slovenian railway to the 100 year old Tavisan forest in rural Italy. These wooden and stone signs are signs indicating that we are going from one country to another.

2. Nick The Northeastern Corner


Along the way we walked past beautiful alpine huts with flower boxes under each window and floral motifs such as rosemary on the balconies and doors. so pretty. In some places I saw wild crocuses and small purple-pink flowers. They bloom in spring in Minnesota but bloom here in early September and are beautiful in appearance.

You stop when you see the familiar VBT boat waiting to offer lunch. Active cyclists need fuel and VBT has covered it. We opted for everything from grape bananas to a mix of apple nut cakes, sliced cream of pear milk chocolate (to my delight) and various pretzels and other salty snacks (to Dean’s delight).

The uniqueness of this snack station is the display of three national flags (hanging vertically) from left to right: Italy, Austria and Slovenia. The blue flag with a circle of stars on the far right represents the European Union.
Our bike path leaves the converted railroad before entering the Italian-Austrian border and we continue along the historic Roman road.

3. Lunch In The Carinthia Region


In Austria we return to the Wolf Valley in the Carinthia region with its crystal clear rivers and jewel-clear lakes with the majestic Knock and Karnak Alps in the backdrop.
Here we enjoy a traditional alpine lunch at the Almwirschaft lodge between the Gale river and Naturpark (Nature Park) Dobrach. We were eating out and Madija brought soup when we were hungry. We filled our plates with bread and pork pasta salad from the picnic table. Everything was delicious as usual!

Bonus: Ultimate Luxury In Velden

Bagaimana saya bisa menulis tentang pagi yang istimewa ini tanpa setidaknya menyebutkan Velden di Austria dan surga di akhir hari bersepeda itu?


Felden is nicknamed the Carinthia of Monte Carlo for its picturesque promenade, cafes, charming restaurants and views of Lake Wörthersee. This is a beautiful home with a long standing wealthy family manicured gardens and a lovely lakeside restaurant.

Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden

Remember the VBT tour description: …the famous lakeside hotel that has hosted royal dignitaries and celebrity writers for over a century? You saw it!
We stayed at the Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden. This stunning hotel is a castle that has been transformed into an elegant and luxurious one. VBT says Condé Nast Traveler magazine and its spa named it the Austrias Hot Hotel of Hot Spas making it one of the most luxurious and innovative hotels and resorts in the world.
To be honest we didn’t cycle hard enough to make it worth it but we really enjoyed the spa pool and spacious rooms fit for royalty.

The cycling experience in the Alps is unrivaled. Imagine seeing the sights of three countries in one morning!
Dean and I are always grateful to have spent time and money on health care on a holiday like this. What if we only have time and health and no money? What if we have health and money but no time? Two-thirds of these factors will not eliminate them. We need all three and we don’t take them for granted.
This amazing European cycling tour took us through three countries in one morning and we are happy to add a great vacation to our wish list that allows us to enjoy nature and meet great people to share the activities we love. And dear mother another beautiful part of the world.

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