9 Colorful Cities in Asia 2022

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So far we’ve taken you through North America Europe and Australia in our range of colorful cities (and countries) around the world. Now we have arrived in Asia and we have a delicious meal.

Although I often choose the city because of its diverse architecture, the color combination is my choice in Asia. From cities with mostly monochromatic architecture to colorful places but also cities with glowing neon lights or lanterns. Because I always choose places that have a clear place in my memory other people are inscribed in me and researched to have that color.

Here are my top picks for Asia’s most colorful cities. Enjoy!

1. Hội An, Vietnam

Hội An is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. The architecture is a mix of Japanese French Chinese and Vietnamese. Each style is very different from each other but they all look very harmonious.
It is situated on a contrasting river mouth just a few miles from the beautiful beaches of the South China Sea. Most of the houses in the city are colorful but it is the lights that make this city such a colorful and magical place. Since Japan introduced lanterns to Hội An in the 16th century locals have developed lantern making and design into an art form. It’s great to visit Chinese malls during the day and sample locally sourced silks and shop at the markets but at night it’s a different ball game.
The riverside town is lit up by colorful lanterns which creates a truly unique atmosphere.
Pro Tip:  In the evening cross the Qiuben River from the old town in Dengqiao to the Anhai Island Night Market on the river. Find a small local restaurant overlooking the river and enjoy the surrounding colors.

2. Jodhpur, India

It was my first trip to Rajasthan India stopping at the majestic Mehrangarh Fort and looking down on Jodhpur. blue city with heart. So many houses are painted in a subtle blue that the overall impression of the city melts into blue clouds. Explanations for why the building is painted blue range from insect repellent to religious reasons to keep the apartment cool but whatever the original justification the effect is quite beautiful.
Pro Tip: As previously mentioned in 11 of the Best Colorful Cities in the World try lunch at Umaid Bhawan Palace. It provides the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the dusty city and allows you to admire the majestic maharajas who once lived there.

3. Jaipur, India

If Jodhpur is India’s blue city Jaipur is India’s pink city. Jaipur is the capital and majesty of Rajasthan. and pink But it doesn’t sound like I’m taking off my roses. Because it is a beautiful earth color between red and pink not an ugly pink. The most visited place is the Palace of the Winds. Not only does it sound magical it looks magical.
Why is Jaipur pink? Since it was a symbol of hospitality the Maharaja at that time decided to turn the town pink for the state visit of the Prince of Wales in 1875. Better if you can.
Pro Tip: Chandbori is one of the grandest staircases in the world just 60 miles from Jaipur. A worthwhile stop while traveling around Rajasthan.

4. Kampung Pelangi, Indonesia

Kampung Pelangi or Kampung Pelangi Semarang on the island of Java as you can imagine is very colorful. At one point the local government in the slums decided to spend $25,000 to expand the slum area. Similar projects have been carried out in many slum areas around the world resulting in beautiful and prosperous communities. Not only are the ceilings painted in rainbow colors but also the walls are decorated with murals and individual murals. The colors have turned this dilapidated old area into a hugely popular tourist attraction with Instagrammers looking for the most colorful walls to pose for. And tourists mean money so this is a win. We get a splash of color while local tourists get some much-needed bucks.
Pro Tip: Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree Found in Indonesia Explore some of the natural rainbow colors. Their bark comes in beautiful colors and there are many colorful trees.

5. Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia

In 2018 the 272 steps to the Hindu temple and the large statue of Murugan were transformed into a colorful rainbow. The scene couldn’t have been more colorful with the gold surrounding the already colorful scene. The stairs leading to the temple (and the cathedral-like cave in the limestone mountains) reflect this grandeur. Add admirers and mischievous monkeys along the way and your photos will truly come to life.
Pro Tip: Be careful with monkeys. They may look cute but they are very vocal and skilled thieves. Grab a bag of sunglasses and anything loose or shiny. My daughter brought peanuts to eat but instead of waiting for my daughter to open the bag I ran away.

6. Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of the most interesting cities in the world. The famous chaotic culture shock is an attack on all the senses.
If you scan everything around you like me and wander around with your mouth open and can’t see where you’re going you’ll be forgiven. As soon as I reached the Shibuya intersection I entered the street. Luckily that’s okay — as long as there’s light around you. This is the largest pedestrian crossing in the world and not only can you cross every street but you can also cross large intersections diagonally as all traffic stops and pedestrians can switch in any direction. You are surrounded by a giant neon billboard with moving pictures and sounds and thousands of people rushing towards you. The results are colorful and vibrant enough to put Times Square to shame.
Pro Tip: Read After Dusk in Shibuya by Haruki Murakami while you’re there. A short novel set in one night that provides insight into life in the region.

7. StoBoSa, Philippines

Stobosa (by Stonehill Botivative and Sadjap) a slum town between Baguio and La Trinidad in the Philippines is another great example of how color and art can breathe new and positive life into disadvantaged communities.
In 2016 the government decided to partner with a tourism bureau to successfully launch the Philippines’ first and largest recreational-inspired community art projects such as Rio de Janeiro Brazil and Jamchon Cultural Village in Busan South Korea. And Kampung Pelangi has been mentioned before. The result is not only a matter of landscapes that transforms into charming communities inspired by art but into attractive tourist attractions.
Editor’s Note: For more information on Rio de Janeiro’s slums see the latest issue of Ulrike in the Most Colorful Cities in Central and South America series.
Pro Tip: This so-called valley of colors is best explored as part of a tour which also gives you the opportunity to see what the surrounding area has to offer.

8. Rainbow Village, Taichung, Taiwan

About 100 miles from the capital Taipei Rainbow Village is well worth the visit. There are many colorful communities in the world but this one is hard to beat. Because every house has a different house everything is covered with paintings. It’s like walking into a giant picture book. The story behind this city is also exhilarating. The village was originally a free house for veterans but over time the houses were damaged and the village was on the verge of collapse. However, a resident of Tgk. Known locally as his grandfather Huang began painting his house with bright pictures and colors and others followed suit. Although most of the original houses have been replaced by stronger buildings the village is preserved.
Pro Tip: As a tourist attraction it is a dynamic community and you do not have to pay an entrance fee when visiting. However, any souvenir purchases or local donations will go directly to local residents.

9. Little India, Singapore

Singapore is a city (and country) with so much to do and see and with colorful old Chinese market shops and more. But the liveliest district is Little India. From colorful Hindu temples to Tan Teng’s New House (the last Chinese relic in the area) stalls selling colorful saris and gold shops liven up the atmosphere. .
But all of Singapore also offers some stunning colors. Elcove Explore Haji Lane Bridge at Robertson Quay is decorated in 55 different colors and full of street art. And visit Zhu Chit Lane and its surroundings full of pastel colored shops.
Pro Tip: Singapore is famous for street food so head straight to a hawker center or large food court or walk and eat on the go.

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