4 Caribbean Places Where You Can Vacation Like a Movie Star

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Think of the Caribbean and many of us imagine a gloomy winter vacation. Contributing to this image for me are several iconic movie locations including the sparkling beaches and luxury casinos from the James Bond movies.

Few people are as physically perfect as Ursula Andres or Daniel Craig of the Sea but you don’t need to shake a cocktail to enjoy beautiful beaches, lush views and luxury resorts. movies like this.

Pro Tip: In 2017 much of the Caribbean region was hit by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Some hotels and restaurants remain closed while others are being rebuilt and reopened. Make sure to check before ordering.

Jamaica: Goldeneyes And Grottoes

There isn’t any. Jamaica’s relationship with Bond has lasted for years as Sean Connery now lives in the couple’s former resort of San Soussi carved into the side of a cliff. It was so beautiful that James Bond (this time with Roger Moore) returned to the hotel in Live and Let Die. For the ultimate glam experience head to the small town of Orcabesa home of the Golden Eye Resort the former home of Bond creator Ian Fleming. A further collection of private villas and villas Golden Eye features a private beach and pool as well as a lush garden. Its 52 acres are home to two treehouse-style spa ocean pools and plenty of activities such as paddling, snorkeling, yoga classes and mountain biking.
Bond lives in cabin 10 of the Half Moon Resort near Montego Bay. The villas have been renovated over the decades but the hotel remains a timeless place with its beautiful white cottages and an elegant era atmosphere.
One place you can still visit in Live and Let Die is the Green Grotto, the evil Doctor Kananga’s underground lair on the fictional island of San Monique. Located in Falmouth between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay this cave was once used as a refuge by the native Arawak Indians and as a hideout for runaway slaves. A local guide can accompany you to dive.
You can find him hanging out with his stellar endorsements (Angela Bassett and Tay Diggs) at luxury mountain hotels and villas in Montego Bay.
Pro Tip: The no-frills Scotch restaurant in Ocho Rios is said to have the most authentic jerk chicken in Jamaica.

Puerto Rico: Rum And Resorts

Just 25 hours from Miami and less than 4 hours from New York Puerto Rico is a relaxing winter destination (no passport required for US citizens).
San Juan has long been recognized as a film destination. Hunter’s S Rum Diaries with Johnny Depp as Thomson is mostly taken here and at local bars and dive sites. The last time I visited Puerto Rico I chose to stay at the Old San Juan Hotel El Convento a quirky colonial style resort (former Carmelite monastery) built in 1646 and close to great bars and restaurants. Guests include Pablo Ernest Hemingway Castles and Truman Cabot.
You can also sample the famous Puerto Rican rum at the boitos (small restaurants/nightclubs) around Old San Juan or take a short boat ride to Casa Bacardi to see the liquor’s most famous producers (reservation required). .
If proximity to sand and sea is more important to you than colonial homes and cobblestone streets San Juan also has miles of beautiful beaches lapped by turquoise waves.
Tidak jauh dari Old San Juan adalah Hilton Caribbean di semenanjung pribadi alami seluas 17 hektar dengan pantai. Pantai Dorado adalah Koleksi Ritz-Carlton di ladang tebu di sebelah barat San Juan. San Juan Cantado berjarak kurang dari 10 menit dari Vanderbilt hotel bintang lima yang dibangun pada tahun 1919 dan terdaftar di Daftar Tempat Bersejarah Nasional. Cantado Ocean Club Boutique Hotel terletak 15 menit dari bandara. El Conquistador di Fajardo (pantai timur pulau); Itu dibuka kembali setelah renovasi multi-juta dolar setelah Badai Maria. Pulau Palomino memiliki taksi air khusus ke pantai (tetapi Palomino kecil yang indah ditutup untuk turis karena erosi dan badai 2017 sebagai lokasi film Pirates of the Caribbean).
Boats from mass markets or tourist destinations are very expensive. Most flights depart from San Juan International Airport (planes are basically puddle jumpers no curse). The ferry from Ceiba to Vieques takes about 30 minutes but can be arranged (sometimes canceled due to weather).
Vieques was the main shooting location for the 1963 film Lord of the Flies based on William Golding’s 1954 dystopian novel. But tourists need not worry. Your grandson cannot possibly be immoral in this peaceful and happy paradise.
This small, relaxing island is perhaps most famous for its bioluminescent cove also known as Mosquito Bay Lagoon. You have to book a tour to see the stunning estuary but many report that kayaking there at night is a very pleasant experience.
Vieques National Wildlife Refuge is a premier hiking destination and the island is famous for its wild (but tame) horses that have roamed freely since the Spaniards brought them from Europe hundreds of years ago.
Accommodation at Vieques Hix Island House is a 19-room jungle hotel with a swimming pool and tropical views; Finca Victoria eco-community 25 hectares; El Block is a good restaurant; Malecon house in Speranza. There are also many vacation rentals in Vieques.
Pro Tips: This year marks San Juan’s 500th anniversary. The special measures will last until June 2022. Visitors are advised to rent a jeep to access the more difficult routes on the island.

The Bahamas: Bond And The Beatles

The Bahamas Luxury Guide was struck by three words: Bond. James Bond. Is it verified? Daniel Craig at Casino Royale on the beach.
In the film Daniel Craig follows the evil Le Chiffre in a poker tournament.
Sean Connery (who owns a home on Lifford Key in the Bahamas) treats Fatima Blush to British colonial Nassau Hilton. Originally opened in 1924 this colonial style hotel is called the Hotel Dame of Nassau.
Another popular Paradise Island movie is Help! 1966 John Paul George et al sing the title song On the Beach with Ringo.
The Beatles lived at the luxurious Balmoral Club on Cable Beach, which was built in 1946 as a playground for many members of the royal family. The Sandals Hotel becomes the Royal Bahamas (re-opening early 2022) one of the two Sandals hotels in the Bahamas. Another is the Emerald Bay Sandal in Exuma. A special perk is that Emerald Bay offers a visit to Staniel Cay’s house (named after the film) Thunderball Grotto a great place to dive and snorkel in a spectacular underwater cave.

St. Croix (Not Mexico,
After All)

Andy (Tim Robbins) and Red (Morgan Freeman) reunite in Mexico for The Shawshank Redemption but the real setting is St. Louis Sandy Point Country. Taken at St. Petersburg Animal Shelter. Croy.
Nearby places to stay include Beach Huts and Karambola Beach Resort, 44 km from the beach.
Note that there are no toilets or other facilities on the beach but there are other compensations. As one reviewer wrote: Nothing. No shadows. There isn’t anything. Just heaven. Seems like a place to spend a day in paradise.

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