11 of the world's favorite beaches to visit 2022

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Growing up in Australia my family owned a beach hut which we visited every weekend and as a result most of my childhood was spent on the beach swimming sunbathing (or basking in the sun) building sand castles watching rock pools collecting shells and walking with the family. . That dog. It doesn’t make me an expert on the world’s best beaches but it gives me a taste of beach life. Even though I moved to a landlocked country in the middle of Africa 35 years ago I still miss the beach and take every opportunity I can to bury my toes in the sand and swim to any beach. I am pleased. heart

Can you rank the best beaches in the world? Of course not. I won’t even try. What I’m trying to do is tell you my favorite beaches. Then you might be inspired to visit this beach and see for yourself why this beach is included in my list of favorite beaches.

1. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays Island, Australia

Off the northern coast of Australia the 74 Whitsunday Islands lie between the Queens Coast and the Great Barrier Reef. Some of the best beaches in this part of the world include Bettys Beach Chalkies Beach and Whitehaven (my favourite). Four miles of pristine white sand and stunning turquoise seas stretch out on White Beach in the Pentecostal Islands.
This slice of paradise can only be reached by helicopter boat or seaplane from Hamilton Island (the most famous inhabited island of the White Days) or Airlie Beach on the mainland. The cruise takes 35 minutes from Hamilton Island or you can head to Whitehaven Beach on one of the many yachting tours in the area. This remote location meant there were very few crowds.

2. Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world on my personal list and one of the reasons it won this place is its stunning beaches. The most beautiful beaches are on a remote island far from civilization. Campus Bay is an exception. This is Cape Town’s only bustling city beach.
Camp Bay is famous for its stunning views and stunning sunsets with its soft white sand and the stunning backdrop of Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles Mountain. A word of warning even though the water is cold I mean very cold due to the Atlantic Ocean current. I swam a few times with the Campus Bay Hot Chocolate swim team who meet here every Sunday morning and I have to say that diving into the icy waters at the start of the swim really blows your mind and melts. under. Enjoy more hot chocolate after swimming!
It can get very busy as it is close to a major city but there is enough sand for anyone to find their size. There are lots of trendy bars and restaurants right on the beach.

3. Kendwa Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Kendwa Beach is named after a local fishing village on the northern tip of the island of Uguja (Zanzibar) in Tanzania. I have been visiting Zanzibar beaches for over 20 years since my children were little and we have returned to this part of the island many times.
Kendwa Beach is a quiet beach with a relaxed atmosphere. This is the widest beach for Zanzibar and one of the few on the island where the tide doesn’t recede and the clear water is always perfect for swimming, snorkeling and diving. (The east coast of the island is almost entirely dependent on the tides.) Sunsets at Kendwa Beach are legendary.
Despite being relatively quiet most of the time Kendwa hosts a monthly Full Moon Beach Party which attracts visitors from all over the island.

4. Le Morne, Mauritius

This charming African island in eastern Madagascar has many beaches worth visiting. Visit almost any beach in Mauritius and you’ll find coral-protected beaches with calm, clear waters perfect for kayaking and snorkeling. Those who prefer a beach closer to amenities can choose Grand Bay on the north coast while those seeking a more secluded beach experience can visit the east and south coasts of Ile aux Serfs and Blue Bay. But for me the west coast of the island is where you’ll find the best beaches including Le Morne – which I really like – with 25 miles of soft sand (many other beaches in Mauritius have coarse, coarse sand (coral in cut). Palm trees. The lake’s protected waters stretch to the horizon and kite-flying conditions are some of the best in the world. Nearby Le Morne is huge on a hilly coast. On the west coast the sunsets here are spectacular.

5. Anse Source D’Argent, La Digue Island, Seychelles

On a remote island a bit far from the US. The massive granite boulders look so different from the other world that Anse Source d’Argent feels like a prehistoric paradise. This is probably the most photographed beach in the world. The rocky backdrop and palm trees make the shallow turquoise waters a paradise for people against the backdrop of sparkling sand and waves. It is an ideal place for those who love to swim. .not swimming. Adventurers can snorkel among the lagoon’s coral reefs. Watch out for the endangered giant birds and turtles.
Consider arriving at low tide when the water is below your knees and showing more sand. Accommodation in La Digue is limited due to the ferry from the larger island of Mahe.

6. Anakena, Easter Island

If you want a unique backdrop for sunbathing and swimming head to Anakena on remote Easter Island. It features statues (some broken others intact) carved by Rapa Nui between 1250 and 1500 AD surrounded only by white coral sand and palm trees. This archaeological treasure was found in two ahu (rock arches) overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Take a closer look at the mystery of the statue and then head to the beach to relax on the fine sand and calm turquoise waters. Once your appetite has improved you can enjoy a tuna empanada or pony bowl (sweet pumpkin pudding) and a picnic before exploring the other island-style Rapa Nui National Parks in about 40% locations.

7. Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Only 6 miles long and less than 3 miles wide, Bora Bora is lined with stunning beaches, lush forests, luxury resorts and underwater bungalows. Among all beaches Mathira gets my recommendation for the level of access to cleanliness and its extraordinary beauty. Imagine a mile-long stretch of white sand with calm, endless emerald waters and beautiful volcanic mountains in the distance. Mathira is the largest public beach in Bora Bora but the scenery is getting gentler. As an added bonus you don’t have to pay five-star resort prices to enjoy Bora Bora’s only public beach.

8. Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

If you are looking for stunning views and lots of amenities head to Raleigh Beach in southern Thailand. Railay is actually on a large peninsula jutting into the Andaman Sea but is separated from the rest of the land by limestone hills and dense forests. Raleigh Beach is only accessible by boat making it one of the calmest and most beautiful beaches in Thailand with crystal clear waters and pure white sand.
Head to the northern sands of Riley Beach (Ton Sai Bay) where spectacular limestone formations make Riley a world-class destination for experienced rock climbers and Emerald Lake a great place to kayak or paddle. Head to Riley East for a quieter spot to watch the colorful sunrises (although at night it’s popular for strolling the grounds). The calm shallow waters near Phra Nang Beach are ideal for swimming and snorkeling and are home to several caves including the Temple of Fertility. If you want a little of everything head to Riley West which has endless sun and hikes and is close to restaurants shops bars and accommodations.

9. Praia De Marinha, The Algarve, Lagoa, Portugal

Praia da Marinha is one of the Algarve’s most distinctive beaches with golden sea cliffs and limestone. Most of the appeal to me is the lack of commercial development and its remote and rugged location – all of which help to avoid congestion. Access to the beach involves climbing a long staircase to the beach which means Marinha Beach is not suitable for travelers with limited mobility.
If you are looking for a challenge you can try swimming through the two limestone arches on the beach. Very strong swimmers cannot anchor near boats and caves and caves.

10. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Navagio Beach is a secluded but very beautiful sandy bay in Zakynthos one of the Ionian Islands in Greece. Navagio is often called Shipwreck Beach because it is home to the wreckage of a Panagiotis believed to be a smuggler who sank in 1980. The rest of the boat sits in the middle of the beach surrounded by raised limestone rocks. Cliff Beach is only accessible by boat from Porto Bromi. Beach activities are limited to swimming and sunbathing but due to its remote location boat trips to and from the beach are more likely to see other unforgettable sights such as the enchanting Blue Caves and the historic Bohal Fort.

11. Reynisfjara, Iceland

Iceland may not exactly conjure up pictures of beach vacations but the sheer number of volcanoes makes for an otherworldly beach experience. The region has many black sand beaches made of volcanic ash the most important of which is Reynisfjara in southern Iceland. A deserted beach with big black rocks and caves A series of large beach rocks lying Rocks will take your breath away. As a bonus nearby Reynisfjara Vik is a coastal town known for its lava (the only place in the world where you can safely see molten lava) ice climbing and ice cave tracks.
To me there is something special and soothing about a beautiful, rugged beach that no other place or landscape can offer. I hope you have sparked interest in my favorite beaches around the world and inspired me to add one or more to my travel wish list.

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