A Variety Of Cultures In The World 2022

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Globalization is an ongoing process where people and cultures interact within and across countries.

Globalization can be described as a way of connecting the entire world together through interactions, trade, social media and technology.

Global culture has become the norm in the modern era.

The global culture has been shaped by various factors such as technology, political climate, social structure and mass media.

The global culture is characterized by a variety of lifestyles and traditions from various parts of the world.


Originating from China’s Han ethnic group, the Han Chinese are the largest population of Chinese outside of China.

They are also one of the oldest civilizations in the world; they lived in what is now North and South Korea since 3000 BC.

They have also introduced papermaking to Europe via the Korean Peninsula over 2200 years ago.

In addition, Han Chinese have contributed to literature, art, politics, sports and technology worldwide.

Richard Gans wrote that “Han Chinese are not just one homogeneous group but many different ones with different languages, customs, religions etc.” Every year, millions of tourists from around the world visit China to discover more about its unique culture.

In addition to contributing to their homeland’s culture, the Japanese have also contributed globally by marketing their brands effectively.

One example is Apple which became popular in Japan after being marketed there by George Bushi (a Japanese man).

Besides marketing their brands effectively worldwide, Japanese companies also create new technologies that find worldwide applications such as semiconductors and automobiles.

In addition, Japanese cuisine has become a culinary staple all over the world due to its quality control and international acclaim for decades now.

Famous Japanese dishes include sushi, ramen noodles and tempura@ which are eaten all over the globe in both restaurant settings and at home alike.

In addition, there are over 1 million Japanese students studying abroad worldwide today@ with many studying in America (1).

The Nigerians contribute to global culture by being a global community@ where they host events such as festivals around their country for other African nations to participate in together with them.

As one of Africa’s most populous countries with over 200 million people currently living there, Nigeria has hosted several international events such as WorldFest-i in Abuja since 1988 (2).

Nigeria also hosts several international football tournaments annually where their national soccer team participates alongside teams from other parts of Africa under one flag@ representing them all globally under one roof instead (3).

Other than hosting international events together like that @ Nigerians have also contributed significantly to music globally through hip-hop music which was born out of adversity on their African soil before spreading worldwide via exports like those mentioned above (4).

To this day @ there are several popular Nigerian artists all around the globe who perform regularly throughout Europe and America alike garnering fans everywhere they perform worldwide through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram alike (5).

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