Unique Tradition Of Burial In Trunyan Traditional Village

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The attraction of the island of Bali is not only because of the existence of natural recreation areas, such as Kuta beach, or the natural beauty of the mountains in Kintamani & its lake for example in Beratan Bedugul lake, but also because of its many unique traditions and cultures, able to create tourists who want to get to know more about the existing culture and traditions.

Is an old ancient Balinese village called Trunyan village, has a unique tradition of using neat ways of burying the dead. This ancient Balinese norm village is known as the village of Bali Aga which is a native of the island of Bali.

With the unique tradition owned by the village of Bali Aga Trunyan, making it a tourist attraction that complements the holiday activities & destination tours on the island of the Gods of Bali. For tourists who want to know something anti-mainstream about Balinese culture, then this place can be your next tourist destination.

To get to the village cemetery norma Trunyan, then you must rent the ark according to the locals, the crossing pier was in the village of Kedisan & Toya Bungkah, even you can rent at once with a tour guide, so you feel comfortable & satisfied during traveling holidays and tours to this place.

Trunyan village became part of the administrative area of Kintamani subdistrict, Bangli regency. Surrounded & located at the foot of the hill and bounded by the lake Batur, the way to the village is by renting a motorized ark, about 20-30 min using the ark across lake Batur Kintamani based on the pier of Kedisan village, then you arrive at the destination.

Access to this traditional village is able with motor vehicles including cars, but the road to the village was relatively extreme, the road winding and uphill and small enough to be traversed using two passing cars.

For local people who are in the village trunyan ordinance may have been usual, but for tourists are not recommended, or drivers who have never been through difficult terrain for example, it would be recommended for the rental of the ark based on kedisan pier.

If you rent a boat either according to kedisan pier or Toya Bungkah, make sure the agreed price is the price for commuting, using a motorized ark (not a canoe), including guides / tour guides and ask other porto-costs such as donations and entrance tickets to the attraction.

And know also even if you take a mount to Trunyan Bangli then you can only reach trunyan village only, while according to trunyan norm village you have to ride a motorized ark again to the cemetery because there is no access based on land routes.

Indeed there is a poly story about the service of ark rental services to the village cemetery trunyan, for security and comfort it would be better to rent a tour guide (tour guide) to go to the cemetery earlier or trust with your travel agent.

With a tour guide rental, then your vacation when traveling tours and recreation to the cemetery was more comfortable and fun.

As is known trunyan traditional village in Bangli is one of the villages of Bali Aga, which is a native of Bali is not affected based on outside culture when majapahit power in Power in Bali, still holds firm to a lot of the culture of its ancestral heritage.

For this reason, trunyan traditional village has a number of unique traditions including burial or burial of corpses. Balinese people themselves in their daily Hindus, everyone who dies will be carried out a ngaben ceremony either using the way of burying the body or cremated personally.

But in Trunyan Bangli Village even though the residents here are Hindu, almost every body of the deceased will be placed on the ground under the Menyan tree, made a hole of approximately 10-20 centimeters, avoiding the body does not shift, because the contours of the land are not homogeneous.

The body is covered using a cloth, surrounded by prism-shaped bamboo webbing called ancak saji. And strangely the body did not give off a foul smell. Funeral ordinances like this in the village of Trunyan istiadat are called using Mepasah.

Quite interesting is not, a unique tradition like this is only found in the norm village trunyan – Bali, so it's a pity you just miss it during the holidays & tour to Bali. You can afford to rent a four-wheeled vehicle in Bali including a driver, to take you to the pier.

To get to your pier through kintamani attraction that presents the aesthetics of the lake & Mount Batur from penelokan village. You can visit Kintamani first, then go to trunyan village.

The body is placed under the Taru Menyan tree because, the tree can neutralize the smell based on the body. And uniquely again the Taru Menyan tree can only grow well in the village of Bali Aga Trunyan.

Based on the religion of the citizens, in every one tree under it is buried only limited to eleven bodies, there are those who consider that based on more than 11 bodies there is a possibility of smelling.

And if there is a new body, then the bones of the worn body are moved to the place that has been provided, then occupied by the new body.

On the other hand you can find piles of bones that have been arranged neatly, such as piles of human skull bones. For this unique experience, you can take a selfie using holding the human skull, but first ask permission and instructions based on the tour guide.

The provisions of the deceased such as their clothes, sandals or tasteful items when they are seen scattered, are deliberately left because they are not allowed to bring outside the cemetery area.

Although the difference in the meaning of nature in this cemetery seems mystical and scary, but the natural scenery here is relatively latif so as a place of fun natural recreation. Funeral procedures in Trunyan Bangli Village

Please note there are 3 neat ways of burial in trunyan mores village, not everyone died in trunyan village buried by way of Mepasah (the body was placed on Sema Wayah) because the loka was only intended for people to die using exclusive conditions.

As for this mepasah funeral for people to die in reasonable circumstances, already married, bachelors and mini children who have removed their milk teeth. And the person died earlier there were no wounds that had not healed and all his limbs were complete.

The burial area is called Sema Wayah and is believed to be the most sacred burial place, so it is known as the Sacred Cemetery.

If it did not meet these criteria, the body would be buried. There are 2 neat ways of burial earlier, children who have not removed their milk teeth, will be buried in the cemetery area of Sema Muda.

While the next burial place is Sema Bantas, the burial area in Trunyan village to bury the body that died because of ambiguous things such as suicide, accident, killed by others, when dead there are still wounds on his body and there are incomplete body parts.

There is also a myth that developed in the village of Penelokan, the time of burial in the Sema Wayah area using mepasah. The body of a person who always does good then his body rots faster than the body of a person who often sins.

Please also know for the visitors, it is forbidden and abstinent for visitors to take something at the cemetery of trunyan's norm village, whatever form to avoid unwanted things, but to hold or take a selfie using the skull here is not stopped, there is a need to ask permission first by saying excuse me. How to Visit the Village Cemetery trunyan ordinance

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