Recommendations 6 Typical Balinese Foods That Must Be Tasted

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Not only famous for beautiful tourist attractions and many visited by tourists from abroad, Bali is also rich in delicious culinary cuisine and liked by poly people. Food in Bali makes anyone who tastes must be addicted. In addition, typical Balinese culinary becomes the attraction of tourists because nir can be found in other regions. This is because of the special characteristics based on Balinese culinary located in the basic spices used.

If you taste special foods according to Bali, then you will definitely find a variety of spices that color the food, such as chili, garlic, onion, and oil from coconut that further strengthens the taste. Here are some typical Balinese culinary recommendations that you can taste when on vacation to Bali.

1. Betutu Chicken

You are no stranger to this food. Because, this culinary can certainly be found in various restaurants in Bali. Chicken betutu is made according to betutu seasoning, which is a typical Balinese spice made according to a mixture of orange leaves, lemongrass, salam, turmeric, hazelnut, ginger, onions, and others, which are undoubtedly made from spices. This spice will later be inserted into the chicken body before cooking, so that the seasoning permeates perfectly in the processed chicken and forms a good taste. 

2. Satay Lilit (Processed meat wrapped in lemongrass as a special Balinese culinary.)

Not only the city of Padang that has Sate Padang, Bali also has a special culinary processed as satay, namely Sate Lilit. This one food can be made according to chicken, fish, or ground pork. However, pieces of satay meat that are generally pierced are not the same using smoothed satay lilit meat and then wrapped in lemongrass leaves or bamboo stalks.

This satay is suitable when eaten along with Balinese mixed rice. Even so, poly also sells it separately using sambal sauce as a cocolan sauce companion satay.

3. Bali Mixed Rice (Nasi Campur Bali becomes a special food that poly encountered when arriving to Bali.) 

As already mentioned above, it is not complete if you do not feel the typical Balinese mixed rice.

This one dish consists of warm white rice, which is equipped using satay lilit, chicken comb chicken spice Basa Genep Bali, vegetable urap, &lawar chicken. But there is one more that should not be missed, namely sambal matah and sambal embe typical of Bali.

If you have tasted this balinese food, surely you want to change because of the taste of the typical spices.

 4. Jinggo Rice (Rice presented as big as a fist is also a special Balinese food.)

In addition to Nasi Campur Bali, you are also able to taste Nasi Jinggo. This is because Nasi Jinggo can be said to be similar to the cat rice you usually meet. The rice is only served as much as an adult fist spiked with chicken suwir, fried noodles, and fried tempeh. Special features in this food are contained in the sambelnya super spicy duper. Guaranteed you will change because the portion is not so poly so that it is not relative to one.

5. Serombotan (This Balinese specialty serves vegetable dough smeared with Kalas seasoning.)

From the name alone has been unique, the taste is also no less unique and tempting tastes. This Balinese special food is suitable for you vegetable lovers or vegetarians. Because, this one food serves a mixture of vegetables such as long beans, spinach, kale, chickpeas, round eggplant, bean sprouts, and bitter melon.

These vegetables are then put together using a spice called Kalas, a kind of coconut milk containing a mixture of mashed turmeric, galangal, onion, garlic, coriander and kencur. Kalas seasoning will be mixed again with peanut seasoning and spicy spices that create the taste of this culinary more unique & delicious.

6. Rujak Buleleng (Rujak buleleng has a fresh &spicy taste that becomes a special Balinese culinary)

Not only Jakarta has rujak Betawi, Bali also has rujak lho, its name is rujak buleleng. Like rujak in general, this culinary consists of many kinds of fruit that are cut in one container and will later be smeared using rujak spice on it. This rujak has a fresh taste & also spicy.

At first glance it is similar to other rujak-rujak, but as different lies in the spice or sambal used and there are still stone banana grains in the rujaknya mixture. The purpose based on the addition of this type of banana is to give a taste after all the spices are united by diuleg.

Well, that's some special Balinese culinary recommendations that you must taste while on vacation to Bali. So what do you want to try first?

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