Funeral Traditions in Trunyan Village Bali

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As is known trunyan istiadat village in Bangli is a galat one village Bali Aga, which is an original resident of Bali is not affected based on outside culture when majapahit power in Bali, still holds firm to various cultures of its ancestral heritage. For this reason, Trunyan mores village has a number of unique traditions including burial or burial of corpses. Balinese people themselves in their daily Hindu religion, everyone who dies will be carried out ngaben ceremony either by burying the body or cremated personally.

But in Trunyan Bangli Village although the residents here are Hindu, almost every body of the dead will be placed on the ground under the Menyan tree, made a hole about 10-20 cm, avoiding so that the body does not shift, because the contours of the ground are not homogeneous, the body is covered with cloth, surrounded by prism-shaped bamboo webbing called acak saji. And strangely the body does not give off a foul smell. Funeral ordinances like this in the traditional village of Trunyan are considered to use Mepasah.

The body placed under the Taru Menyan tree because, the tree was able to neutralize the smell that appeared according to the corpse. And uniquely again the Taru Menyan tree can only grow well in the village of Bali norm Aga Trunyan. Based on the belief of the citizens, in every one tree under it buried only limited to eleven bodies, there are those who consider if more according to 11 bodies there is a possibility of removing odors. And if there is a new body, then the bones of the old body are transferred to the place that has been provided, then occupied by a new body.

On the other hand you can pile up bones that have been arranged neatly, such as piles of human skull bones. The provisions of deceased people such as their clothes, sandals or favorite items while they live are seen scattered, deliberately left because they are not allowed to bring outside the cemetery area. Although the natural nuances in this cemetery seem mystical and haunted, but the natural scenery here is quite beautiful so as a fun natural recreation area.

Cemetery Procedures in Trunyan Bangli Village

Please note there are still 3 ways of burial in trunyan mores village, not everyone killed in Trunyan village is buried using mepasah (his body is placed under Taru Menyan) because the place was only intended for people to die on condition; Died in ordinary circumstances, already married, bachelor and mini child who had dated his milk teeth. And the dead man had no wounds that had not healed and all his limbs were complete. The burial area is called Sema Wayah and is considered the most sacred burial place, so it is known to be the Sacred Cemetery.

If it did not meet these criteria, the body would be buried. There are two burial procedures, children who have not removed their milk teeth, will be buried in the cemetery area of Sema Muda. While the next burial place is Sema Bantas, the burial area in trunyan traditional village to bury the body that died due to ambiguous things such as suicide, accident, killed by others, when dead there are wounds on his body and there are incomplete body parts.

There is also a myth that develops in the village of Penelokan, during the cemetery in the Sema Wayah area using mepasah. The body of a person who always does good then his body rots faster than using the body of a person who often sins. Please also know for the visitors, it is forbidden and abstinent for visitors to reach into something at the cemetery of this traditional Village Trunyan, whatever form to avoid things that are not desirable, but to hold or take a selfie with the skull here should not be, there is a need to ask permission first by saying excuse me.

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