Betawi Culture: Unique and Famous Culture in Indonesia

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Betawi Culture – In the midst of the modern capital of Indonesia today DKI Jakarta turns out to be stored old culture & latif.

Betawi culture still survives in the midst of modernization that attacked the city's mother. The indigenous people of Jakarta Betawi tribe permanently try to maintain the original betawi culture so that it is not eroded and can be passed on to their grandchildren. History of betawi

Betawi culture is an old culture that has experienced a very long journey and still survives to this day. Betawi is a word used as a name according to the indigenous people who live in Jakarta based on ancient times. Betawi history begins based on pre-historic times as evidenced by various relics in this area.

Residents of Jakarta & surrounding areas follow the flow of the Ciliwung, Cisadane, Kali Bekasi and Citarum rivers have existed since ancient times. The Betawi tribe has experienced a very long and hereditary journey still inhabiting the area of Jakarta and surrounding areas that used to be the power of the antique kingdom.

Starting from the kingdom of Tarumanegara, Srivijaya to the kingdom of Pajajaran which has an agreement using the Portuguese began to form a community in Sunda Kelapa. This situation also gave birth to the acculturation of Betawi culture with Portuguese. Many opinions regarding the origin of the name Betawi from historians there are those who say according to The Ancient Malay language as well as Brunei Malay.

For the history of the Betawi tribe itself, the indigenous people of Jakarta have inhabited Jakarta in 3000 BC. It was later recognized as an ethnic or identified social &cultural unity in 1923 at the time of dutch east indies rule. But betawi people often call the group synchronized domicile such as kemang, kemayoran or rawabelong. The point of rise and shift based on Malay to Betawi is approximately 1970, if previously called themselves Malay then changed to Betawi.

Betawi tribe has special characteristics and Betawi culture itself for traditional houses such as other ethnic groups in Indonesia. Betawi traditional house is named "Rumah Kebaya". This Betawi mores house has a unique shape such as a folded saddle. If observed using carefully based on the side then the folds of the saddle build like the folds of kebaya (typical javanese clothing).

Another special feature according to the Betawi ordinance house is to have a very broad page like the court. In addition, betawi residence has a terrace that is also widely used to entertain guests who arrive. Another characteristic is to have a wall that is not fixed as a result can be shifted freely towards the edges. Betawi Official Traditional Clothing

For betawi traditional clothing is divided into several types according to gender & event. There are traditional clothes that are used for the daily life of men and women there are specifically used for official programs. This time it will be discussed for the official indigenous clothing of Betawi Culture which is called using Serong Clothes.

Serong clothing consists of several parts & used only during official programs only. It consists of a white shirt used for internals. Then batik cloth with a length of the length of the length is worn on the back using the way it is stretched just like that. Then a suit and black Shanghai collared pants. This clothing is used by the man in official occasions only because it is not everyday clothing.

For women's norms, it is similar to using Malay women's clothing consisting of brackets and Betawi sarong cloth and veil. This clothing is also commonly used by the Betawi woman in her daily activities. Typical Betawi Cuisine

Betawi cultural heritage turns out not only the house of ordinances and sandang norms but also the culinary that is popular unique and delicious. Taste according to typical Betawi culinary cuisine creates many people always miss the mother of the city of Jakarta, here are some delicious Betawi special culinary:

  • Scarf mayang. This mayang shawl is actually one type of typical Betawi snack made according to hunkue combined using coconut milk & sugar. Serving a mayang shawl will be more delicious when served using ice.
  • Telor crust. In summary how to process it is eggs & various kinds of spices cooked on a fire to like a crust. Then add the fried onions and serundeng.
  • Crocodile bread. This food is the most popular because it often appears in typical Betawi wedding programs. This crocodile-shaped bread never missed being taken when going to deliver the marriage of betawi people who are said to be a symbol of loyalty.
  • This cuisine has similarities using typical Surabaya culinary that is tofu tech or understand telor. It's just that ketoprak has some additional food items that will not be found in understanding tech like cucumbers and soun.
Variety of Betawi Cultural Arts

After culinary, house istiadat & sandang istiadat is still poly once a variety of arts and betawi culture that is interesting to know. Start based on traditional dance, traditional music and other traditional arts. Below is a variety of original arts betawi culture that need to be known: 1. Ondel-Ondel

It is a typical Betawi art in the form of a grand doll using a height of approximately two.five meters formed according to bamboo webbing. There are people in it who are in charge of playing these ondel-ondel so that it is an interesting show. On the ondel-ondel there is still a typical Betawi mask that is paired to cover the bamboo webbing on it. Gambang Kromong

Gambang kromong is a type of original music art according to Betawi culture which is a cluster according to Betawi &China music art. Seen in the group of music players gambang keromong using the senses of chinese friction music named Kongahyan, Tehyan & Sukong. The game is combined with Betawi's special musical senses such as Kecrek, Kemor, Kromong, Gambang, Kempul and Gong. Lenong Betawi

Lenong is a special Betawi show that is similar to using ludruk when in East Java. This show has been around since the 1920s developed by local artists. Lenong is a kromong gambang strain that is accompanied by a joke without a scenario using the special betawi language. Silat Beksi

Silat beksi is a special traditional betawi martial art developed for the first time by the people of Dadap village. With this special movement martial arts developed & loved by the wider community. Often silat beksi players wear combor suits combined with green belts and grand akik, and do not miss the sarong placed on the neck. Tanjidor

Tanjidor is a typical Betawi art in the form of orchestras that have existed since the 19th century. The musical instrument used is a special Betawi musical instrument that is selected in full starting from inflatable, hit, swipe and other musical instruments. Often used for bridal beer or regional march events.

Thus various dancing information about the variety of Betawi culture is very interesting and will help get to know more Betawi culture. If not Indonesians themselves then who else will know and love the culture of their own people.

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