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Here are special halal and delicious balinese food, there are 36 Balinese foods that you are ready to taste with your family and friends.

The island of Bali has a variety of delicious cuisine and the price is also relatively cheap.

For those of you who vacation in Bali and want to feel the popular Balinese specialties, of course, this can be on the agenda first.

Want to go back to Bali with family or with friends to fill in during the final school holidays.

In Bali more dominated by hindus but there are some who are islamic and on this occasion, we will discuss the typical culinary halal bali that is popular and delicious.

In Bali is relatively poly found typical culinary such as satay lilit, rice kedawetan, chicken betutu, smoked fish, pork rolls &others.

To get a variety of cuisines, finding it is very easy, considering it has been poly culinary house to hotel that provides it because poly tourists who like it. Typical Balinese Food Table Is Chicken Betutu Komoh Babi Genyol Lawar Babi Guling Nasi Bubuh Bandot Nasi Jenggo Be Kokak Mekuah Nasi Sela Be Pasih Mesbel Matah Nasi Tepeng Bebek Betutu Nasi Yasa Berengkes Penyon Blayag Pesan Clengis Bubuh Sagu Pesan Polo Bubuh Marrow Rujak Bulung Bubuh Tuak Rujak Kuah Pindang Bulung Rujak Manis Entil Rujak Tibah Garangasem Salak Bali Gerang Sambel Bawang Sambel Bongkot Grangasem Sambel Matah Jaja Batun Duren Santok Pencok Jaja Begina Sate asem Jaja Bendu Sate Be Pasih Jaja Bikang Sate Kablet Jaja Engol Sate Kakul Jaja Godoh Sate Lilit Jaja Squat Sate Pelecing Jaja Ketimus Sate Pentul Jaja Klepon Sate Penyu Jaja Lak-Lak Sate Sere Lemo Jaja Sumping Sate Tusuk Jaja Tain Buati Siobak Singaraja Jaja Uli mission Tape Slogor Jaja Wajik Srombotan Jejeruk Sudang Sudaji Jukut Ares Taluh Mabejek Jukut Srombotan Telur Bumbu Bali Jukut Urab Timbungan Kacang Rahayu Tum Order Bali

Many culinary from the province using the capital Denpasar has a fairly spicy taste, whether it's thanks to the seasoning or the addition of sambal on the menu.

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Sambal like sambal matah & sambal terasi is the type of use most not infrequently by Balinese culinary as a complement.

One of the delicious culinary dishes on the back is pork roll and duck betutu, these 2 culinary dishes are very favored by the residents there.

Here, there are 36 special Balinese foods that you must try both popular to all corners of the world. Bali's Maturity Chicken Rice

The first Special Balinese food is chicken rice. One of the tourist destinations for local and foreign tourists if to Bali is Ubud which has a natural aesthetic and of course culinary.

One of them is the maturous chicken rice sold by galat one residence to eat in the Gianyar region with the name "Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku".

It is located on Jl. Raya Kedewatan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali with special characteristics of the restaurant is the original balinese texture.

From the address where to sell it, surely already know the name of the deity in the culinary is obtained according to the address of the place of sale.

Ubud's typical rice is almost similar to mixed rice scattered throughout the archipelago for example sundanese specialties that are famous for timbel rice, the difference is the side dishes found there are chicken meat, fried beans, offal, satay, hot eggs, and long beans.

Considering the people who love spicy taste, provided also sambal matah made from small-mini chili slices added with onions and salt.

As a galat one delicious cuisine, not sporadically also foreign tourists come there to enjoy a serving of chicken rice for breakfast or lunch.

Moreover, one plate is only priced at 10 thousand rupiah, so it is very affordable for local people and foreigners to enjoy this special Balinese culinary.

Where: Warung Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku
Address: Jl. Raya Kedewatan No.18, Kedewatan, Ubud Subdistrict, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80571

Price: 10,000s two

. Sate Lilit Bali

The most identical culinary use of Bali is a popular satay lilit using Balinese specialties according to the way it is made. Different from using other types of satay, satay lilit is made using a way of wrapping the meat mixture into a skewer.

While most processed satay pierces one by one meat that has been cut into small-minis before finally baking.

In addition to not being in harmony in terms of giving meat, it is also not synchronized in terms of the or absence of peanut seasoning that has been inherent in processed satay. In satay lilit, you will not find the use of peanut seasoning, because the spices of satay have been mixed with meat before being burned.

Usually to make satay lilit, the ingredient used is tuna meat, but there are also those who use chicken meat. Making it only needs to smooth the meat using how to grind it and then provide seasoning based on onions, lemongrass, orange leaves, & garlic.

Then the mixture that has been evenly wrapped into a skewer before later burned until cooked. The sweet spicy taste with the aroma of lemongrass will immediately exist when enjoying the typical Balinese culinary that exists almost all over Bali.

Where: Warung Nasi Ayam Ibu Oki
Address: Jl. Siligita Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan No.27, Benoa, Kec. Kuta Sel., Badung Regency, Bali 80361
Price: 15,000

3. Rujak Buleleng Bali

The third typical Balinese food is rujak buleleng. The most appropriate culinary to enjoy the scorching Sun of Bali during the day is rujak buleleng which has a fresh and spicy taste. Various fruits will be cut in one container and then later will be smeared with rujak seasoning on it evenly, that's rujak buleleng.

At first glance it is similar to using other rujak-rujak in Indonesia, but because the spice or sambalnya mixed with fruit makes it out of sync. We know for ourselves that normal rujak that is often marketed will separate the seasoning with the grain that will be eaten using the way to dicocol fruit with the seasoning.

This special Balinese food is indeed as an idol when enjoying the beauty of tourism in Bali. Rujak Buleleng Bali Although there are also those who mix grains with spices, but most are separated, and another difference is the ingredients of making spices.

The ingredients used to create the seasoning are palm buleleng sugar, vinegar, terasi, salt, cayenne pepper, and out of sync is the presence of stone bananas.

The purpose according to the addition of this type of banana is to give a taste after all the spices are united by diuleg. While making the fruits of making rujak based on Buleleng is the same using most, namely there are mangoes, kedondong, pineapple, bengkoang, red yam, papaya, and cucumbers that are sliced thinly.

When tasting it you will personally feel spicy from the seasoning and the young fruits will give a fresh taste to the oral, so it tastes so delicious. Sambal Matah Bali Smoked Fish

The island with the name Serangan Island may not be too famous, but its typical processed fish named sambal matah smoked fish is one of the best culinary.

Made from fish output catches of island people who are still fresh such as cobs, tuna and groupers smoked using spicy flavors, that's the smoked fish of Serangan Island.

Uniqueness according to this halal Balinese special food is the use of coconut coir used to fumigate it as a result causing a special coir aroma.

In addition to causing aroma, cooking with coir also creates a soft texture and the seasoning penetrates into because it is cooked longer.

To make it is quite necessary time, because when cooking it, it is necessary to flip the fish several times while smearing spices on the fish.

Especially when the process of flipping the fish, it is necessary when 5 to 8 min and every reversal must replace coconut coir.

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