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Bali has a compound tourist destination that makes you feel at home on vacation here. Of the poly tourist destinations on the Island of the Gods do not forget to try Balinese cultural tourism when visiting here, yes.

Bali tourist destinations are many variants. Starting from the nuances of history, culture, religion as well as contemporary places. Anyway, whatever Bestpackers want Bali to be able to fulfill. Well, one of the tourist destinations that are never quiet from tourists is Bali cultural tourism.

This Bali tourist destination will invite you for a moment to dive into the culture of the local people. Holidays by visiting cultural tourist destinations can be an effort to preserve Indonesian culture, lo. Well, based on the many cultural tours in Bali here are seven of them.

Bali cultural tourism is very traditional nuances. It is located in Karangasem, Bali. This village is included in the village of Bali Aga, because the people still hold fast to the customs of istiada & religion of its ancestors.

Tenganan Village Cultural Tourism began to be known in the 1970s. The unique architecture in each house has its own attraction. Holidays with a new atmosphere can Bestoackers get here.

The people of Tenganan Village still hold the tradition of worshiping Indra, commonly known as the "makare kare" ceremony. Far from modern terms, the villagers still use gringsing cloth, which is a special Balinese woven fabric that is cowardly to protect the wearer from the impact of dursila.

This water park is also still one area with Tenganan Village, namely in Karangasem. Based on its history, this water park was once used as a bathing place for kings. And currently shifting function as a one-day cultural tour in Bali.

Sukasada water park has natural and sea views. No wonder this place is always crowded with tourists. The concept of a unique garden, a cluster of European gardens and the ruins of buildings is also a special attraction.

Generally, many come here using the purpose of hunting instagramable photos. Not infrequently also use it as a pre wedding spot. Any planning here, Bestpackers?

This one cultural tour has a typical Balinese architecture. It was built in 1686 when the Kingdom of Kelungkung came to power. The construction itself was initiated by I Dewa Agung Jambe.

Before entering this place, Bestpackers will be given a scarf to be a marker. Typical architectural style & various paintings balinese artists are able to Bestpackers found here. You could say, this tourist destination has a high artistic value.

This cultural tour will take you nostalgic as if life in the royal period. Because, formerly this water park is a former kingdom. It is located in the east of Karangasem, Bali.

This cultural tour is very famous among tourists. The beauty of the fountain and water park decorated by the statues adds to the aesthetic impression. You can really if you want to hunt for instagenic photos.

In addition to being able to meet photos, Bestpackers can also learn history, you know. Don't make your vacation more meaningful. Make it smart!

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Surely this temple has been familiar in the sense of hearing of travelers. Famous for its magnificent buildings, this temple is always crowded with visitors. The center of this temple is named Penataran Agung.

Maybe when one day will not be relative to explore all these temples. Usually visitors only visit the Great Management only. It is located on the slopes of the mountain, adding to the impression of this temple latif.

Fresh air in the style of the mountains makes anyone feel at home in Besakih Temple. So cool, this temple is also proposed to be one of UNESCO's global heritage, you know.

Authentic Balinese atmosphere can bestpackers get if visiting Penglipuran Village. Although modernization has grown rapidly, this village is still biological using its traditions, you know. In fact, Penglipuran Village was designated as a pilot village featuring Balinese norm customs. Cool isn't it?

The community lives side by side with harmony. And of course very friendly to the tourists. No wonder, if poly people want to visit here.

The concept of buildings that are still traditional is actually an attraction in itself. Instagramable photo spots can also bestpackers get in this tourist village.

Mentioning Bali tourist destinations will not be complete taste if not mention Bedugul. Bedugul itself is a very large lake area in Bali. Here there are many tourist destinations offered, namely Pura Ulun Danu which is purified, Pura Saren & Sukawati Art Market.

When visiting this place, Bestpackers are also able to surround the lake using an ark ride. Of course, an out-of-tune holiday atmosphere will bestpackers get.

Well, that's 7 recommendations of Balinese cultural tourism that are very dear if missed. For the tranquility of your vacation, make sure to stay at BestHostels Indonesia & get interesting offers. Happy Holiday.

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