13 Typical Balinese Foods That You Must Try If Vacation to Bali Again

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Not only the beach, bali special culinary also makes a vacation to the Island of the Gods!

13 Balinese SpecialTies That You Must Try:

  • Bali Mixed Rice

  • Rolled Pig

  • Betutu Chicken

  • Lawar

  • Sambal Matah

  • Satay Lilit

  • Fried Duck

  • Pork Satay

  • Rujak Kuah Pindang

  • Tepeng Rice

  • Fish Head Soup

  • Tipat Blayag

  • Ngomongin Bali will certainly not be far by beach, villa on the edge of the rice field , beach club, bar, or Instagramable restaurants. Though typical Balinese culinary is no less iconic, and makes the Island of the Gods always ngangenin really for everyone.

    Even contrary to the assumption that a vacation to Bali must come out a lot of money, almost all typical Balinese culinary you can try at a very affordable price! The best places to enjoy these foods are not contemporary places that will beautify your Instagram . But surely, your tongue and stomach will be satisfied afterwards.

    Eits, it should be noted that not all the food contained in the list of Klook recommendations is halal. Explore the Island of Bali with a Key Off Car Rental in Klook!

    Renting a four-wheeled vehicle in Bali for a vacation is highly recommended because you will be free to go anywhere without limits, as long as it is still in the Bali Island area & returned right when.

    So, there is no need to fear there are additional costs because you want to visit tourist attractions in Bali that are relatively far from the tourist area in South Bali, for example in East Bali or North Bali, because you live in the capital of doang gasoline to get there.

    Renting a car in Bali is also the best option that you can choose if you want to vacation in Bali with your partner, family, or with a group of friends. Bali Mixed Rice

    Ngomongin typical Balinese culinary, of course, must call Nasi Campur Bali in the first order. As the name implies, mixed rice (or commonly known as nasi rames) is basically rice with a variety of side dishes and vegetables. Well, for Nasi Campur Bali, generally served is rice and meat, lawar or urap, and satay lilit.

    Not sporadic also equipped with pieces of hot eggs & fried peanuts. Oh yes, don't forget the sambal matahnya, yes!

    While on vacation to Bali, you can find mixed rice on "three names": pork mixed rice which means served with pork rolls; chicken mixed rice or chicken rice, which is served using chicken suwir; or spicy rice, which is a mixed rice stall that serves spicy sambal as its main sale

    Best Places to Eat for Nasi Campur Bali:

    Andika's Mother's Spicy Rice

  • Mother Hanif's Spicy Rice

  • Oki Mother Chicken Rice

  • Warung Men Weti

    two. Rolled Pig

    This Balinese food is very popular even among international tourists! Understandably, pork rolls is indeed one of the mainstay Balinese cuisines; For those who can consume it (of course this culinary is not halal, yes), enjoying pork rolls pas holiday to Bali is a must.

    As the name implies, pork rolls are a dish of pork cooked by burning whole along with various spices, then twisted (rolled) to cook evenly. Then the meat is served with mixed rice, with a tender and richly flavored meat texture from spices.

    Recommendations for The Best Places to Eat for Guling Pigs:

    Pak Malen's Pig Rolls

  • Pak Dobiel's Pig Rolls

  • Mother Oka's Pig Roll

    3. Betutu Chicken

    Betutu chicken is a special culinary according to Gilimanuk, in the form of chicken cooked with spicy spices in a long time, as a result of which forms a tender and spicy chicken dish. This special food is one of the most memorable holidays to Bali, especially for those of you who like spicy food.

    Although originally from Gilimanuk, you can find betutu chickens in poly loka on the island of Bali, especially in tourist areas such as South Bali!

    Best Places to Eat for Chicken Betutu:

    Gilimanuk's Betutu Chicken

  • Chicken Betutu Men Tempeh

  • Lawar is a special Balinese culinary in the form of a side dish of vegetable and meat dough cooked with special spices. Although originally formed using pork, but many lawar made with chicken or duck meat, so it can be conducive to consumption for you who are Muslim.

    Lawar is easy to find in many loka, because it is generally presented with Nasi Campur Bali. Sambal Matah

    Well, make this one food is also generally served with mixed rice. Even so popular, now poly is also served using other culinary varieties, including salted egg rice which is very famous in recent years.

    Yup, Sambal Matah is already more than just a typical Balinese sambal, but is one of the most popular sambal in Indonesia! You can easily find it in Bali, especially when enjoying Special Balinese Rice Mix. Satay Lilit

    Satay Lilit is another special Balinese culinary that is relatively unique because the meat used will be chopped first, then wrapped into a puncture according to bamboo btg or even on the stem of lemongrass leaves! It tastes amazingly good, and one of the other Balinese culinary that you must feel when on vacation to Bali.

    Like lawar & sambal matah, Sate Lilit is also very easy to find especially in mixed rice stalls. You can even enjoy it in restaurants such as Bebek Tepi Sawah or Bebek Bengil in Ubud. Fried Duck

    Fried duck is not a typical Balinese food, but the popularity of 2 duck restaurants, Bebek Tepi Sawah and Bebek Bengil in Ubud makes this food also worth included in this list!

    If you visit Ubud during the next vacation to Bali, make sure you also try fried duck dishes at one of the restaurants. Get a 30% discount on the dish of Duck Crispy Tepi Sawah or Bebek Bakar Tepi Sawah using buying a snack voucher duck tepi sawah on Klook.

    Best Places to Eat For Fried Duck:

    Rice FieldSide Duck

  • Bengil Duck

    8. Pork Satay

    As the name implies, Pork Satay is a satay that uses pork (yes of course!). Well, the way it is made is also similar to the making of chicken satay or goat satay (not like satay lilit that uses ground meat), but not served using peanut seasoning or soy sauce seasoning, yes.

    Best Places to Eat for Pork Satay:

    Pig Satay Under the Tree

  • Satay Plecing Arjuna

    9. Rujak Kuah Pindang

    Rujak is not a typical Balinese food, but rujak uses pindang sauce spices? Well, that's a special new! Rujak Kuah Pindang is indeed unique because it is not presented with ordinary rujak seasoning, but uses tuna pindang sauce made spicy. The filling is also like rujak usually, for example slices of young mango or other fruit.

    Dare to try this unique unique Bali rujak?

    Best Places to Eat for Rujak Kuah Pindang:

    Warung Rujak Glogor

  • Depot Rujak Kuah Pindang VIP

    10. Nasi Tepeng

    At first glance, Nasi Tepeng is indeed the same as ordinary mixed rice. Usually presented with young jackfruit, fried chicken, long beans, or eggs & wrapped in banana leaves. But there is something unique in the preparation & presentation of rice: tepeng rice is made using coconut milk & spices such as turmeric, bay leaves, and salt.

    Then the finish will be served, tepeng rice will be doused with special spices and grated coconut. Just equipped with a side dish. Oh yes, uniquely again, the texture of hard tepeng rice such as nasi uduk, but mushy.

    This special food is from Gianyar, so if you are in the direction of Gianyar for example when visiting Bali Safari Park, you can while hunting Nasi Tepeng jua!11. Fish Head Soup

    Another Balinese food that is actually not special Bali really but because there is one place that is extraordinarily popular, so it must be included in this list. What else if it wasn't for the popularity of Warung Mak Beng, a famous seafood restaurant with its fish head soup!

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