10 Delicious and Legendary Yogyakarta Specialties

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In addition to being considered a Student City, Yogyakarta is also known to use traditional culinary paradise. There gathered various hawker centers and traditional dining places that even still permanently exist to this day. Special characteristics of Yogyakarta special food that tastes graceful, apparently makes Yogya food so special and has many fans. No wonder if the special culinary Yogyakarta poly is also sold throughout Indonesia. As a true cuisine hunter certainly makes us wonder we want to try a variety of special culinary yogyakarta. Then, what are the typical foods of Yogyakarta that are legendary and still exist today? Check out the following!

Gudeng is a traditional cuisine from Yogyakarta made from young jackfruit with palm sugar, coconut milk and other spices. In addition, teak leaves in this dish make gudeg have a special reddish brown hue. With a lot of mixtures of spices, gudeg as sweet taste in the taste buds, but the sweetness of this actually makes gudeg taste very good and in accordance with the tastes of javanese people in general. Gudeg is generally served also with rice, chicken opor and spicy krecek fried sambal based on cowhide.

2. Bakpia Pathok

For those who have visited Yogyakarta must have been unfamiliar with bakpia pathok. This cake is one of the special souvenirs of Yogyakarta that most tourists are interested in when visiting Yogya. Made from green bean dough & sugar, this cake has a sweet taste & slightly savory using a flat round shape. Although very famous as a special souvenir of Yogyakarta, but bakpia is actually a sweet snack peranakan the result of acculturation of Javanese & Chinese culture.

3. Krecek Vegetables

Vegetable krecek is the galat of one special culinary Yogyakarya based on processed cowhide. Chewy texture according to krecek vegetables cooked with coconut milk is a legit and spicy taste. Krecek vegetable is most suitable to be eaten with gudeg, because the sweet gudeg taste is very suitable combined using spicy krecek vegetables. Krecek vegetable stuffing generally consists according to krecek or cowhide crackers, fried tofu &bean tolo. If you do not want poly gravy, krecek vegetables can also be cooked to a bit dry, so that the spicy taste is more energetic. This food is often considered also by the name of fried sambal krecek.

4. Satay Klatak

Satay klatak is a typical Yogyakarta food in the form of young goat satay pierced with bicycle bars. The puncture is not a regular bamboo prick & the size of pieces of goat meat is larger 3 times than ordinary satay. So the presentation of this satay is generally only two or 3 skewers per serving. Satay klatak has the uniqueness of satay in general. In the process of burning satay klatak only seasoned using salt, not for example ordinary satay seasoned with soy sauce & peanut sauce. In addition, satay klatak is also served using thick and savory goat sugar sauce.

Tengkleng is a dish made from goat meat that is sharply spiced using coconut milk sauce. The appearance & seasoning to make tengkleng is actually similar to gulai. It's just that the goat meat used to make tengkleng dishes is still inherent with the bones. Usually the most widely used part of the goat's body is the ribs and legs of goats. Well, one of the pioneers of yogya's legendary tengkleng dish is Tengkleng Gajah. It is called an elephant because of its large portions. The sauce is also relatively thick using a delicious taste.

Yangko is a special culinary yogyakarta made according to glutinous flour that is embalmed using sugar flour. Yangko has a box shape using chewy texture and taste tends to be beautiful. At first glance it looks like a mochi based on Japan. It's just that mochi has a more elastic and mushy texture than yogya.... Yangko is able to contain nuts or empty using the taste of fruits. Yangko is very popular as a souvenir to take home when visiting Yogya.

Tiwul is a traditional culinary typical of Yogyakarta that is very favorite. Tiwul itself is made according to the basic ingredients of cassava that is dried then mashed until it is flour. Then this flour is steamed until cooked. Javanese society generally results in this tiwul being a culinary substitute for rice eaten with various side dishes. The shape is like rice with an old tanned color. Tiwul is widely sold also into market snacks that are generally served using grated coconut.

Geplak is a traditional culinary typical of Bantul that is often used as souvenirs for tourists who visit Yogyakarta. Geplak is round with a beautiful taste, because it is made according to grated coconut and granulated sugar. Geplak also has interesting colors, as a result not infrequently tourists who buy this geplak because they are interested in using beautiful colors. Formerly geplak often used as a primary food substitute for rice the Javanese people. However, along with the current geplak as a market snack that is increasingly popular.

9. Oseng Oseng Mercon

Oseng oseng mercon typical Yogya is a cuisine that uses a tetelan beef and sautéed with processed cayenne pepper and brown sugar. The spicy taste that is so kicking the tongue according to oseng-oseng mercon makes people who eat it always addicted. Oseng oseng mercon is generally served with a sprinkling of fried onions and warm rice as a complement. If you claim to be spicy lovers of course must try this food when visiting Yogyakarta.

10. Gatot Cassava

Gatot is a traditional special food of Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. Gatot itself is made according to cassava that is processed until it is dry & turns the color to blackness. After that, gatot is steamed back using a mixture of grated coconut & java sugar. Usually most people of Gunung Kidul consume it as a culinary staple. But many tourists who vacation to Yogya are interested in tasting it. It tastes sweet and healthy because this culinary is very high in fiber.

That's 10 special yogyakarta food that is certainly delicious and evocative of favorites. If You want to try various culinary Yogyakarta & other Indonesian culinary, let's check out the restaurant recommendations below!

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